Whioce welcomes both current and future authors to this section. Here you can find the information you need about publishing with us.

Why publish with Whioce?

  • High visibility of Whioce publications and discoverability of content
  • All Whioce journals available via a robust online platform
  • DOI registration for all Whioce articles
  • All Whioce journals available as separately downloadable items
  • High quality print publication from Whioce
  • Clear guidelines for authors and editors (see Journals section)
  • Whioce offers a dedicated team of skilled professionals, marketers and editors
  • Each journal and their accompanying articles receive our individual attention

Author Copyright Agreement

to read our copyright agreement

Ethics Policy

Please take a moment to read our “Editorial Ethics” guideline before submitting your manuscript.

Instruction to authors per journal

Go to the journal of your choice and click on the tab ‘Submission of Manuscripts’ for detailed instructions.