1. International Conference on Precision Medicine

Precision Medicine 2016 is a global platform to discuss and learn about the research, rational drug designs, and novel therapies. The scientific program paves a way to gather visionaries through the research talks, plenary lectures, symposia, workshops, invited sessions and oral and poster sessions of unsolicited contributions.

The theme of Precision Medicine-2016 is “Changing paradigms in treating diseases and revolutionizing health”.

Date: 5 – 7 December 2016

Venue: San Antonio, USA



1. Smart Summit Asia

The Smart Summit is a 2 day conference and exhibition covering the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem and its impact on the digital society.

With 3 in-depth event tracks and over 100 leading speakers, no other IoT event covers the Smart Home, Smart Cities and Industrial Internet of Things in as much detail.

Co-located with a joint networking exhibition, each track (summit) features over 20 unique and topical sessions – gain a unique insight from industry heavyweights and hear case study examples from major contributors.

Day 1: Executive and VIP Day – Featuring high impact networking and roundtable discussions – Invited Guests and Paid Attendees Only

Day 2: Open Seminar Sessions and Expo – Free to Attend

Date: 30 November – 1 December 2016

Venue: Suntec, Singapore


2. Improving Techniques and Technology for Cellular and Molecular Pathology

This is the FIRST live streamed only, three day professional conference discussing Molecular, Cellular and Digital Pathology.

This event will showcase the latest applications of multimodal pathological investigations used to study disease, and consider how current techniques can be improved for the benefit of healthcare management.

Date: 29 November – 1 December 2016

Venue: Online


3. Innate Immunity: The First Line of Defence

This is the FIRST live streamed only, three day professional conference discussing Innate Immunity.

This cross-disciplinary event will discuss recent findings related to the role of the innate immune system in pathogen recognition, effector function and activation of adaptive responses.

Date: 15 – 17 November 2016

Venue: Online


4. Developing Antibiotic Alternatives: A Discussion of New Approaches to Overcoming Antimicrobial Resistance

This is the FIRST live streamed only, three day professional conference on antibiotic resistance and alternatives.

This event will discuss recent research into the development and spread of antibiotic resistance including its clinical impact, and a range of approaches to tackle this rise.   Methods for infection control and monitoring of resistant strains, as well as novel therapeutic intervention strategies to reduce conventional antibiotic use will also be discussed.

Date: 8 – 10 November 2016

Venue: Online


5. 2016 Novel Cancer Therapeutics Summit

This summit includes four parallel conferences focused on both the research, and business perspectives in oncology.

This summit will continue to be a premier event for translational researchers, preclinical scientists and managers, and those carrying out early phase clinical trials working to identify and exploit advances in the field of oncology in order to deliver products with a meaningful clinical impact. In addition, industry leaders from big pharma and various biotech/pharmaceutical companies, including business/corporate development executives, licensing executives, global alliance, and venture capitalists, will all be present to explore potential collaborations and learn about relevant issues in oncology.

Focus areas include cancer diagnostics, cancer immunotherapy, cancer epigenetics, as well as partnering and deal-making in oncology. Discussion topics include emerging targets, therapeutic strategies, epigenetic targets and tools/technologies, next generation sequencing in cancer diagnosis, progress in cancer immunotherapy, combination strategies in immuno-oncology, advancements in technology, as well as business development trends, markets, partnership opportunities, and access to capital market.

Both cutting-edge researchers and those who guide its commercial development will be on-hand to share their knowledge and insights as to how therapeutic cancer targets are identified, and how this research translates into meaningful therapeutics that benefit patients living with cancer.

Date: 7 – 9 November 2016

Venue: San Francisco, CA


6. BIGIT TECHNOLOGY: 2nd Big Data & CEM World Show

The digital universe carries its indistinguishable existence into the physical world, which has been growing its size and visibility of data. This phenomenon enables and unleashes a new wave of business opportunities for people around the world. With the exponential global growth in digital data, companies are expected to adapt with the mounting competitive pressure to meet the rising demands of their customers.

The 2nd Big Data & CEM World Show is a two-day conference, which ultimately delivers itself as an interactive platform for global technologists to spark interesting discussions and exchange innovative ideas. The event expects the participation of over 20 prominent and adept speakers to furnish the conference with thought-provoking topics on modern Big Data and CEM topics. These topics include the emergence of digital commerce, mobile technologies, social media analytics, and cloud computing.

Acquire fundamental and thorough knowledge on Big Data implementation into business operations, and gain insights in making intelligent and better-informed decisions for improved user experience and customer engagement.

Date: 1 – 2 November 2016

Venue: Jakarta, Indonesia



1. 6th Annual Partnership Opportunities in Drug Delivery (PODD)

This annual Boston-based conference is designed with three purposes:

  1. To present a strategic level program for pharma and biotech business development professionals with a thorough overview of the latest drug delivery technologies available along with an update on deals and opportunities to improve therapies and extend the life cycle of a drug.
  2. To provide drug delivery and specialty pharmas with a platform to present their technologies and get the latest insights on what the delivery and formulation needs are.
  3. To offer ample networking time, facilities and services for one-on-one meetings to establish new business contacts and enhance existing ones.

Date: 27 – 28 October 2016

Venue: Fairmont Copley Plaza, Boston


2. Vaccine Antigen Delivery: New Approaches to Vaccine Development

This is the FIRST live streamed only, three day professional conference discussing Vaccine Development.

This international event will discuss new cellular, molecular and chemical approaches to improving immunisation efficacy.

This event is aimed at those working in all aspects of vaccine research and development, including but not limited to those involved in academic and pharmaceutical R&D, and clinicians with an interest in vaccination.

Date: 25 – 27 October 2016

Venue: Online


3. 3D Printing in Healthcare Conference

3D Printing in Healthcare Conference aims at providing platform to experts from hospitals, academia, and government institutions discussing the innovations, challenges, and future aspects of 3D printing technologies in healthcare.

Key Highlights

  • Panel : Exploring benefits by high implementation of 3D printing technology in hospitals
  • Introduction to innovations in 3D printing materials and technology
  • Innovations in complex surgery planning
  • Use of 3D imaging and modeling for developing medical devices
  • Case studies on successful implementation of 3D printing in cardiac, maxillofacial, dental, and trauma surgeries
  • Master Class : Medical Engineering on Complex virtual surgical planning

Date: 20 – 21 October 2016

Venue: Amsterdam, Netherlands


4. Smart Cities Innovation Summit

The Smart Cities Innovation Summit will uncover developing technologies for the smart city, including a look at the initiatives at the forefront of sustainability and efficiency, as well as the societal requirements in this space.

Date: 19 – 20 October 2016

Venue: San Francisco, USA


5. BioPrinting: Beyond the Scaffold

We emerge from the shadow of the scaffold to focus on the biology of organoids. By printing from one’s own cells, each organ is more likely to be accepted by the body. But normal functioning remains the ultimate goal. We require more understanding before we can control complicated interconnected tissues, endocrine feedback systems and cell signaling networks. Please join this gathering in Boston to share perspectives as diverse as the projects ongoing, and those yet to be undertaken.

Date: 17 – 18 October 2016

Venue: Massachusetts, U.S.A.


6. Bioprinting & 3D Printing in the Life Sciences

This inaugural event will bring together leading international scientists, engineers and clinicians to discuss this rapidly developing field.

Focus will be given to the many advances in 3D Bioprinting, Additive Manufacturing of Tissues and Biofabrication, Scaffolds and Biomaterials for Tissue Engineering and their medical and non-medical applications.

Attending this event will provide you with excellent opportunities for networking with attendees from industry and academia, sharing knowledge, helping you to find solutions and build collaborations.

Date: 13 – 14 October 2016

Venue: Cambridge, UK


7. Biomarker Summit Europe 2016

The summit will address the latest developments in the biomarker arena from discovery to translation to commercialization. Presentations span across multiple disciplines and cover topics such as discovery and validation strategies, the challenges of clinical translation, novel technologies including next-generation sequencing, companion diagnostics, the health economics value of biomarkers, reimbursement environment, and perspective on cell free biomarkers for disease diagnostics. Scientific data, case studies and discussions will be facilitated by key representatives from pharma, biotech, academia and the public sector.

Date: 5 – 7 October 2016

Venue: Berlin, Germany


8. Biomarkers & Precision Medicine USA Congress 2016

Over 250 delegates representing leading biotech companies, global pharma organisations and internationally renowned academic institutions.

Over 40 presentations, case studies and panel discussions focused on the key issues in biomarker research, companion diagnostics, personalised medicine and clinical biomarkers.

5 Interactive Streams:

  • Biomarkers in Drug Discovery and Development – Translation and Precision Medicine in Auto-Immune Diseases, CNS, Oncology, and Infectious Diseases
  • Personalised Medicine, Companion Diagnostics & Patient Testing
  • Innovations In Biomarker Research – Informatics, Data Management, Assay Development, Imaging Technologies
  • Biomarker in Clinical Development & Clinical Trials
  • Clinical Diagnostics, NGS & Genomic Markers and Genetic Testing

Date: 3 – 4 October 2016

Venue: San Diego, USA



1. Smart Cities Week

Smart Cities Week® connects city leaders to technology and innovation which allows them to meet the needs to their citizens while being agile, responsive, resilient and sustainable.

Developed by the Smart Cities Council, the recognized leader in smart cities education, the event highlights best practices breaking down barriers to progress and instilling a culture of collaboration — cross-cutting solutions that public officials can use to create a holistic, integrated approach to improve livability, workability and sustainability in their communities.

You will see, hear and experience showcase demonstrations of the next wave of innovative, integrated technologies that are helping cities save money, build more robust economies and enhance citizens’ lives.

Smart Cities Week® is your opportunity to learn about, see and be inspired by the smart technologies that are already working in cities just like yours. Smart Cities Week® will give you knowledge, insight and proven ideas that you can put to work right away.

Smart Cities Week will focus on three key themes:

  • Connectivity: Improving connections with citizens as well as between key stakeholders
  • Climate: Combining technology and innovation to make cities more sustainable and resilient
  • Compassion: Using digital technology to reduce suffering and improve the lives of all citizens

Date: 27 – 29 October 2016

Venue: Washington, D.C.


2. Distruptive Innovations (US)

The 6th annual DPharm: Disruptive Innovations to Advance Clinical Trials conference is dedicated to presenting the annual event that the life science industry can rely on for the latest thinking in clinical trials for 21st century drug development.

Date: 20 – 21 September 2016

Venue: Fairmont Copley Plaza, Boston


3. 14th Annual Discovery on Target

Cambridge Healthtech Institute will host the 14th Annual Discovery on Target event this September 19-22, 2016 in Boston, MA. Spanning four days, the event showcases current and emerging “hot” targets for the pharmaceutical industry. Over 1,100+ attendees (from 26 countries) composed of scientists/technologists, executives, directors, and managers from biopharma, academic, and healthcare organizations participate annually. The 2016 event is comprised of 17 conference tracks, 1 training seminar, 6 symposia, 17 short courses, an exhibit hall of 50+ companies, 135+ posters, and dedicated networking sessions.  Discovery on Target assembles an impressive group of 300+ distinguished speakers who look forward to sharing their knowledge, best practices, and expertise with all attendees.

Date: 19 – 22 September 2016

Venue: Westin Boston Waterfront, Boston


4. BIGIT Technology Malaysia

The BIGIT Technology Malaysia 2016, recognised by industry experts as the ‘Leading Big Data Show in Asia’, continues to reinforce and stay relevant on bringing innovation to the technology advancement.BIGIT Technology Malaysia 2016 will be the Anchor Event of the Big Data Week Asia 2016 that will consists of the much anticipated 4th Big Data World Show, Data Security World Show and the BIGIT Exhibition.

Topics Covered Include:

  1. Building Data Security, Resilience and the Role of Governments
  2. Hadoop’s Impact on the Future of Data Management
  3. Big Data as A Foundation for Broad Disruptive Innovation
  4. Making the Right Investment: Maximising the Value of Customer Data with Data Analytics

Date:19th-20th September, 2016

Venue: KLCC Convention Centre, Malaysia


5. Modern Drug Discovery & Development (M3D) Summit

The summit will bring together an exciting balance of industry and academia, so that delegates have the unique opportunity to network with colleagues from different sectors and gain fresh perspective on the various research and current developments in the field.

Date: 12 – 15 September 2016

Venue: Boston, MA


6. CNS Diseases World Summit

This meeting provides an interactive learning and relationship-building forum for all players in the CNS field. Colleagues from industry, academia, government agencies, and financing bodies will gather at the interface of research, partnerships, funding, and commercialization to find ways to move forward in a field that has been troubled with clinical failures.

The program will provide a comprehensive look at the current state of CNS, from research to commercialization. Above all, this event will provide networking opportunities in an intimate and accessible environment.

Date: 12 – 15 September 2016

Venue: Boston, MA


7. The 3rd Annual Precision Medicine Congress

Recent advancements in the biomarker, CDx genomic and big data space have meant that some of the fundamental challenges of precision medicine are being realised.  The potential for personalized medicine and therefore the possibility of delivering superior outcomes for patients is in reach.  There is, however, a lot more to do.  Alongside the continued developments in science as well as improvements in clinical trial design, support mechanisms such as market access /reimbursement/ regulatory strategies need to be further developed.  Continued work by all stakeholders is therefore vital for success.

The congress was designed for a variety of stakeholders from drug and DX developers, payers, healthcare providers, academics to technology solution providers and will bring together a community of experts working in all areas of precision and personalised medicine such as biomarkers, CDx, translational medicine, clinical trials, genomics, NGS, bioinformatics and health economics.

Date: 12 – 13 September 2016

Venue: London, UK


8. The 4th Plant Genomics Congress USA

Building on the successes of our global Plant Genomics series of events, Global Engage is pleased to announce the 4th Plant Genomics Congress USA, which will be held on September 12-13, 2016 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Attracting scientists working in all areas of plant research, including molecular marker development, breeding, crop improvement, the plant/soil microbiome, disease/stress resistance, evolution studies and gene editing techniques, the conference will examine the latest strategies, technologies and research techniques utilizing NGS, ‘omic’ technologies, phenotyping, epigenetics, bioinformatics and data analysis to further plant research. Presentations from 20+ international and regional experts will concentrate on, but are not limited to, regional and model crops such as wheat, corn, barley, sorghum, arabidopsis and soybean.

Date: 12 – 13 September

Venue: Philadelphia, US


9. 8th International Leaders in Biobanking Congress 2016

Today, biospecimen collections are used by multiple research groups for various research aims, from basic research through clinical trials. Useful biosamples must be collected to maintain their molecular integrity for specific (or unknown) downstream analysis. Thus, the proper collection, processing, storage and tracking of biospecimens are critical components allowing researchers to better link molecular and clinical information. Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s 8th International Leaders in Biobanking Congress: Applying Biospecimen Science to Advance Biomedical Research and Patient Care addresses biospecimen science, management, and applications, bringing together biomedical and biopharmaceutical researchers, regulators, biorepository managers and practitioners to investigate the best strategies for effective use of biospecimens within today’s cutting-edge biomedical research.

Date: 7 – 9 September

Venue: Hilton Baltimore, MD


10. Moving forward with stem cell therapy

This is the FIRST live streamed only, three day professional conference discussing Cellular Therapies.  We have gathered together invited speakers from around the world, who you might not otherwise have access to.

From basic research to clinical practice, this multidisciplinary event provides an opportunity to share and compare research progress and clinical experiences to establish reliable cellular therapies.

Date: 6 – 8 September 2016

Venue: Online


AUGUST 2016:

1. 14th Meeting of the Asian-Pacific Society for Neurochemistry (APSN)

The 14th Meeting of Asian-Pacific Society of Neuroscience (APSN) 2016 is a 4-day scientific meeting organised by the APSN in collaboration with Malaysian Society of Neurosciences. The APSN2016 includes:

  • 4 prestigious plenary lectures
  • 12 symposia featuring 48 international speakers from different geographical regions
  • 6 Young Investigator Colloquiua (YIC) featuring 24 international early career scientists
  • poster and oral presentations
  • corporate exhibition showcasing the latest innovations in neurochemistry or neuroscience R&D
  • prestigious travel awards
  • best posters prizes

Date: 27 – 30 August 2016

Venue: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


2. 6th Asia Pacific Conference on Public Health

The ASEAN Institute for Health Development, Mahidol University in collaboration with the National Health Association of Thailand and Department of Health, Ministry of Public Health of Thailand will collaboratively organize the 6th Asia-Pacific Conference on Public Health (APCPH) with the theme of Public Health Approaches toward Sustainable Development, on August 22 to 26 2016 at the Asia Hotel Bangkok, Thailand.

The conference will cover keynote addresses and panel discussion from distinguished personalities in the field of public health. In line with the conference theme, we will provide a highly interactive platform to all delegates from across Asia and the Pacific region.

Date: 22 – 26 August 2016

Venue: Asia Hotel Bangkok, Thailand


3. Global Biotechnology Congress 2016

This unique international conference provides a platform for researchers and decision makers in biotechnology to present their latest findings and learn about all the important developments in biotechnology. Many Nobel Laureates and world’s renowned experts will participate in the conference.

The conference will cover the translational nature of biotechnological research, with emphasis on both the basic science as well as its applications in industry and academia. Presentations will include major research advances in biotechnology, business development, strategic alliances, partnering trends, product opportunities, growth business models and strategies, licensing and pharmaceutical biotechnology (e.g. vaccines, CNS, cancer, antibodies), medical biotechnology, industrial biotechnology, bioprocess engineering, protein engineering, plant and environmental technologies, transgenic plant and crops, bioremediation, and microbial diversity research.

Throughout the course of the four day conference, you will have the opportunity to both network and hear leaders from the international academic and corporate biotechnology communities.

Date: 22 – 25 August 2016

Venue: Boston, MA, USA


4. Drug Discovery & Therapy World Congress 2016

This conference will host leading scientists from the academia and industry worldwide, to discuss the latest developments in drug discovery and therapy and promises to be a large event with up to 400 lectures in 40 thematic sessions with an allied poster presentation.

At the 2016 congress the major topics of discussion related to drug, discovery and therapy will include: Pharmaceutical Research & Development, Translational Medicine, Regenerative Medicine, Enabling Technologies, Structural Biology, Drug Delivery & Targeting, Antiinfectives, Biologics, CNS Drug Discovery & Therapy, Diabetes and Obesity Drug Discovery & Therapy, Women’s Health Drug Discovery & Therapy, Drug Discovery in Preclinical Research, Cardiovascular Drug Discovery & Therapy, Oncology, Process Chemistry and Drug Manufacturing, Pulmonary Drug Discovery & Therapy, Recent Advances in Patient Treatment and Care, Inflammation and Immunology, Innovative Drug Discovery and Nanotechnology, Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Proteomics & Bioinformatics, Pharmacogenomics, Protein and Peptide Sciences, Drug Metabolism, Hot Topics in Medicinal Chemistry, Medical Imaging, Hot Topics in HIV Research, In-silico Drug Design and in-silico screening, Combinatorial Chemistry, High-throughput Screening & Laboratory automation, Hot Topics in Drug Targets, Hot Topics in Natural Products, Stereoselective Synthesis of Bioactive Compounds, Recent Advances in Spectroscopy, Academic CRO/Industrial collaborations in drug discovery.

The conference aims to provide many interesting perspectives on how science and technology of drug discovery and drug therapy are changing rapidly, thereby providing new opportunities and challenges to scientists and medical doctors.

Date: 22 – 25 August 2016

Venue: Boston, MA, USA


5. 15th Asian and Oceanian Congress of Neurology (AOCN 2016)

Following the highly successful AOCN congresses in Melbourne in 2012 and Macau in 2014, the 15th Asian and Oceanian Congress of Neurology (AOCN 2016) is coming to Kuala Lumpur on 18-21 August 2016.

Renowned for its multidisciplinary approach, AOCN 2016 will provide participants unparalleled and powerful insights into the latest research, developments and treatments in the field of neurology and other important subspecialties including Multiple Sclerosis, Dementia, Stroke, Movement Disorders and Epilepsy.

AOCN 2016 will include high-level plenaries, interactive symposia, poster and platform opportunities for free papers, state-of-the-art review course, workshops and debates on hot topics and ample of networking opportunities.

The academically rich scientific programme combined with a stunning setting promise to foster debate, discussion and collaboration.

Date: 18 – 21 August 2016

Venue: KLCC, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


JULY 2016:

1. The 2nd International Conference on Green Chemistry and Sustainable Engineering

The 2nd International Conference on Green Chemistry and Sustainable Engineering is organized by academics and researchers belonging to different scientific areas of the C3i/Polytechnic Institute of Portalegre (Portugal) and the University of Extremadura (Spain).

The event has the objective of creating an international forum for academics, researchers and scientists from worldwide to discuss worldwide results and proposals regarding to the soundest issues related to Green Chemistry and Sustainable Engineering.

This event will include the participation of renowned keynote speakers, oral presentations, posters sessions and technical conferences related to the topics dealt with in the Scientific Program as well as an attractive social and cultural program.

Date:20-22 July, 2016



2. International Congress Water, Waste and Energy Management

The 3rd International Congress on Water, Waste and Energy Management (EWWM) is organized by academics and researchers belonging to different scientific areas of the C3i/Polytechnic Institute of Portalegre (Portugal) and the University of Extremadura (Spain).

The event has the objective of creating an international forum for academics, researchers and scientists from worldwide to discuss worldwide results and proposals regarding to the soundest issues related Water, Waste and Energy.

This event will include the participation of renowned keynote speakers, oral presentations, posters sessions and technical conferences related to the topics dealt with in the Scientific Program as well as an attractive social and cultural program.

Date:18-20 July, 2016

Venue: Rome, Italy


3. International Association for the Study of Forced Migration (IASFM)

IASFM 16: Rethinking Forced Migration and Displacement: Theory, Policy, and Praxis.This is the first time that IASFM members will gather in Central Europe. The setting for the 16th IASFM conference is especially important as we watch the most recent refugee crisis unfold in Europe, including in countries that historically were refugee-producing spaces and now have to provide durable solutions for forced migrants fleeing armed conflicts and asking for refuge in Europe. The answers to these extremely sensitive political problems should be the subject of deep analysis involving social scientists, legal scholars, historians, and representatives of humanitarian organizations, policy makers, and when possible refugees. Such interdisciplinary perspectives will give the participants of the IASFM 16 the opportunity to develop a deeper reflection on forced migration concepts, definitions, and issues from historical and contemporary as well as regional and global perspectives.

Date:12-15 July, 2016

Venue:Poznan Poland


4. 3rd Annual Public Health Conference

A Three-days conference focusing on following segment:

  1. Public Health- Best Practice
  2. Health Education and Sexuality
  3. Case Studies / Cultural Perspectives
  4. Nutriement and Health
  5. Sexually Transmitted Disease
  6. Case Studies & Poster Presentations
  7. Healthcare Systems / Cross Cultural Perspectives
  8. Mental Health

Date:11-13 July, 2016

Venue: Kuching, Malaysia


5. NEA’s Clean Enviro Summit Singapore

CleanEnviro Summit Singapore (CESS) 2016 is a must-attend event for industry and government leaders from all corners of the world.

Attend the event to:

  • Gain opportunity to address future challenges for a liveable and sustainable environment in this global forum
  • Share experiences, best practices and discuss innovative and practical environmental solutions for Asia cities
  • Engage with practitioners in the marketplace on best practices, latest environmental technologies and services

Date:10-14 July, 2016

Venue: Marina Bay Sands, Singapore


6. Molecular Diagnostic Summit

A Three-day event focusing on 3 main topics: 

  1. 2nd Cancer Markers & Liquid Biopsies:

The role of cancer markers is significant towards the diagnosis, prognosis, and surveillance of a patient. Understanding markers and characterizing circulating elements with the latest technologies aid our progress toward the future of better personalized cancer care. Leaders in industry and academia will discuss platforms for isolating and studying CTCs. Technologies such as next generation sequencing and digital PCR are gaining momentum in these research areas. This meeting will also discuss biomarker sensitivity, stability, validation, and how we can use markers to follow up with patients and improve the quality of life.

  1. Precision Medicine:

There is a huge drive in Precision Medicine as it integrates research and clinical practice to build a knowledge base that can better guide individualized patient care. At a crucial time, where there are efforts to scale up population-based genome sequencing and integrate it with clinical data, this meeting will discuss the progress towards the implementation of precision medicine. This conference will discuss the future of healthcare, strategies and technologies for successful implementation, precision medicine beyond oncology, integrating and interpreting personal genomics, big data, bioinformatics, and overcoming challenges in the commercialization of precision medicine.

  1. Digital PCR & qPCR:

There has been a push to find a faster and a more efficient way to optimize the quantification of nucleic acids. In the past, quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) has been the best way to measure the relative amplification of PCR in real time. In more recent years, digital PCR has become a newer method of PCR quantification that can result in absolute quantification, increased sensitivity in samples, more controllable precision, and multiple partitions of the same sample. This meeting will discuss the newest developments in digital PCR and qPCR in relation to how PCR can be used the molecular diagnostics field.

Date:6-8 July, 2016

Venue: Boston, MA


7. 17th European Congress on Biotechnology

The Scientific Programme includes Plenary lectures by stellar speakers who are leading biotechnological developments, 25 symposia that span all colours of biotechnology with Invited speakers who are world leaders in their fields. There will be 200 short talks selected from submitted abstracts for symposia and for a full day of Satellite Events on Sunday 3rd July, which are open to all participants. Highlight Events and Workshops including Bioeconomy and Biobusiness; Patenting in biotechnology; and a joint EFB – Asian Federation of Biotechnology joint event entitled “Cellulosome and beyond”.

Date:3-6 July, 2016



8. 10th FENS Forum of Neuroscience 2016 (FENS 2016)

The FENS Forum is Europe’s preeminent neuroscience meeting: where European Neuroscience Meets the World. By uniting thousands of participants, the FENS Forum 2016 will facilitate and promote the exchange of knowledge and neuroscience research. Molecules and photons, neurodegenerative diseases and stem cells are only a few of the key topics to be covered by a top-level scientific programme, alongside lively networking and social events. The FENS Forum is a meeting point for the world’s top experts, mid-career scientists, post-docs and students.

Date:2 – 6 July 2016

Venue: Copenhagen, Denmark


JUNE 2016:

1. 5th International Congress on Complications during Cardiovascular Intervention : Management & Prevention

This event is to showcase selected cardiac (but not only coronary) complication cases, presented by audience members in collaboration with a panel of experts. State-of-the-art lectures on related topics of interest are also planned between these sessions. Due to increasing interest, we shall additionally focus on non-coronary complications (during treatment of structural heart diseases including valvular diseases).

Date:29 June- 1July, 2016

Venue: Düsseldorf, Germany


2. Latsis Symposium ETH Zurich on Personalized Medicine

Personalized – or precision – medicine is an emerging multi-faceted health care concept that aims to optimize diagnosis and treatment through inclusion of patient-specific information. Tremendous technological advances in genomics, most notably in DNA sequencing, are driving the design of individually tailored therapies and preventive measures. Impressive progress has also been made in the development of functionalized and personalized whole-body or partial in silico patient models that incorporate knowledge of underlying physiological mechanisms and physical interactions of an individual’s anatomy and metabolism.

The field of precision medicine is intrinsically interdisciplinary and involves clinical research, molecular and synthetic biology, medical device engineering, numerical and mathematical modeling of biophysical, physiological, and biomedical systems, medical image analysis, high performance computing, and statistical analysis of high-throughput molecular data. Precision medicine encompasses extraordinary challenges for scientists, engineers, health care providers, and the diagnostic and pharmaceutical industries, and promises a future in which the detailed anatomical and molecular uniqueness of each patient contributes to improved quality of care. The Competence Center Personalized Medicine UZH/ETH Zurich and the IT’IS Foundation, with generous support from the International Latsis Foundation, are joining forces to organize a three-day interdisciplinary symposium to explore the opportunities afforded by precision medicine and to address the challenges of making it a reality.

Date:27-29 Jun, 2016

Venue: ETH Zurich, Switzerland


3. TB Summit

This annual three day event will explore new research into TB detection, treatment and vaccination as well as new developments in controlling and preventing Mycobacterium tuberculosis Infection. With an informal academic atmosphere and international speakers, it is the perfect environment for debate and discussion.

Date:21-23 June, 2016

Venue:London, UK


4. Rational Combinations 360°

Rational Combinations 360° provided the most up-to-date progress on combination developments from business aspects, clinical advancements and scientific data that will help prioritize the best cancer treatments for individual patients and tumor types.

The Rational Combinations 360° event delved into key areas including:


  • Reviewing the current business landscape and what that means for combination immunotherapy
  • Determining strategies for partnering of assets that enable trial design
  • Identifying reimbursement challenges and creating strategies to address pricing in product development
  • Exploring novel drug developments and technologies for immuno-oncology combinations


  • Implementing innovative novel trial designs
  • Reviewing next generation clinical data for combination immunotherapies
  • Addressing safety and regulatory issues
  • Accelerating approvals for combination trials
  • Managing immune related adverse events


  • Generating preclinical and clinical evidence
  • Determining how biomarkers are used to inform combinations
  • Understanding how biomarkers can be used for selecting indications

Date:23-24 June,2016

Venue: New York,NY


5. 2nd Pharmacovigilance 2016

According to various studies on drug safety related hospital admissions, it was estimated that around 5–10% of hospital admissions were due to drug related problems (DRP), in which 50% of them are avoidable.’

Through evaluating and improving the safety of medicines pharmacovigilance serves as a pivot in detection, assessment, understanding and prevention of adverse effects or any other drug-related issues. The volatile global pharma scenario and challenging regulations have invoked quintessential changes in contemporary pharmacovigilance expanding its scope beyond reporting adverse events towards toning benefit-risk systems.

A two day conference on PV 2016 to gain a vantage point in the contemporary pharma industry by ingraining themselves with:-

  • Systematic PV throughout preclinical studies to post marketing surveillance
  • Managing spontaneous adverse event reporting systems
  • Improve the risk/benefit outcome for a marketed product
  • Streamline and automate adverse event management systems.

Key Highlights:

  • Current regulatory trends in Inspections of the Signal Detection, Post-Authorisation Safety Studies (Pass) And Internal Audit.
  • Use of social media in Pharmacovigilance.
  • Incorporating Data Mining Technology in Spontaneous Reporting System.
  • Strategic Pharmacovigilance pre and post product life cycle.
  • Contemporary Regulatory scenario across Europe.
  • Outsourcing PV.

Date:14-16 June, 2016



6. Infectious Disease World Summit

This event seeks to provide a forum for leaders to get the most comprehensive and wide-reaching perspective on issues, challenges, and advances in the field. The Summit is comprised of the following four conferences happening over the course of three days:

  1. 5th Antiviral Research & Development
  2. 2nd Bugs & Drugs: Antibacterial Drug Discovery
  3. 14th Vaccines Research & Development
  4. 13th Anti-Infectives Partnering & Deal-Making

Date:1-3 June, 2016

Venue:San Diego,CA


MAY 2016:

1. Genomics & Big Data Summit

This summit has four tracks to discuss the developments and challenges in the popular omics areas listed below. Representatives from big pharma, academic institutions, and government research labs will present data on advances in new technology and case studies on therapeutic targets, molecular diagnostics, and integration of complex data.

Date: 25th – 27th May 2016



2. 53rd ERA-EDTA Congress Vienna 2016

The main theme of the Congress “from big data to personalized therapy – biostatistics meets molecular medicine” somehow mirrors this effort. The Vienna congress will focus on new ways on how research methodologies might change in the near future and why Nephrology is on the top list of areas that can benefit from these developments.

Date: 21st – 24th May 2016

Venue: Vienna, Austria


3. European Pharma Summit

The landscape for drug discovery has changed drastically over the past few years: private and public partnerships are changing how research is being done, researchers are using 3D model systems in hopes of improving clinical outcomes, and emerging target classes are changing traditional conceptions of the drug discovery process.

The Summit will feature four conferences that will cover the latest hot topics in drug discovery:

  1. 10th Drug Design & Medicinal Chemistry
  2. 3rd 3D Models & Drug Screening
  3. 2nd Kinase Inhibitors Design & Screening
  4. 3rd GPCR Targeted Screening

Date: 11th – 13th May 2016

Venue: Berlin, Germany


MARCH 2016:

1. BIGIT Technology Singapore

With the global urban population on the rise, ICT leaders are becoming more interested in exploring the best practices of building smart cities worldwide using Big Data and Internet of Things (IoT). This two-day conference with the theme, “Making Data Digital with the Internet of Things towards Building a Smart City” will highlight significant key areas of Big Data and IoT in changing businesses and people’s lives in line with the implementation of Smart Cities.

Date: 22nd – 23rd March 2016

Venue: Marriott Singapore Tang Plaza


2. Smart Cities Innovation Summit

The Smart Cities Innovation Summit in Singapore will cover all aspects of the development and future of smart cities, exploring the ecosystem in which a smart city can be implemented as well as the social and societal requirements needed in place.

Date: 2nd – 3rd March 2016

Venue: Singapore


1. Big Data and CX World Show (Australia)

In today’s connected world, consumers are becoming increasingly sophisticated and have high expectations of the retail experience. Building personalised customer experience requires deep insights into customer interactions, data, and processes which goes beyond the usual transactional-based customer-service.

Big data initiatives have become a reality among many organisations today. Using a holistic data view to gain the fullest understanding of customer interactions, intentions and values possible is the direction all technology savvy companies should be heading towards. Given that 81% of customers are willing to pay more for a better customer experience, retailers recognise the value of data driven customer experience, but few are actually leveraging it to their advantage.

With in-depth interactive discussions and case studies from experts across industries, this conference is designed to engage potential solutions to current emerging challenges in relevant industries. With an expected audience of 100 attendees, join us for this 2-day Big Data Analytics for Customer Experience Management conference to dig deeper into topics and learn new strategies on how analytics can drive customer experience efficiencies and maximise revenue in business-related activities.

Date: 2nd – 3rd February 2016

Venue: Sydney, Australia